Wednesday, February 10, 2010

It's a contest

To spice things up a bit, for you and me, I'm having a blog contest. The winner of the contest will receive something made by me. This something could be delicious, it could be snuggly, (it will not be both) it could be lavish or humble. Whatever it is, if you win, it is yours. To enter the contest, simply leave a comment on any post. If you have already left a comment, you need not take further action, although comments are always welcomed. The winner of the contest will be chosen randomly on Arizona's 98th birthday. (google it if you don't know when that is) The winner will be announced that day, and the prize will be awarded sometime in the next several weeks. Happy commenting!!


  1. I feel so smart for already knowing! Hooray for 4th grade Arizona history!

  2. I actually knew the answer! I feel so smart now!:)
    Hmmm something you made. If I win can I have Jonah? LOL

  3. I'm doing the 365, also, but a blog is such a great idea to keep it current... something that I'm not great at.


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