Friday, July 16, 2010


Apparently it's a Jonah week. Here he is giving Daddy a little love. In the three plus years we have been in the autism club, we have learned so very much. The biggest thing I have learned is that just like no two typically developing children are alike, so too are all kids on the spectrum very different. The thing about Jonah that sometimes surprises people is how tender and loving he can be. He is so very affectionate. He loves on Sammy, mom and dad, his teachers at school, grandparents, aunts and uncles, even occasionally a friendly looking stranger. It is a wonderful quality, and one that, especially on difficult days, is an amazing blessing.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Remember last week when I mentioned the weeds? Remember how I said that was only the beginning? It gets worse. 32010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010


Jonah loves pajamas. Every afternoon, around 2 PM he appears naked, carrying his PJs, excited for the comfort that will soon envelop him. Here he is, mid-day, all PJed out, happy as can be. He has climbed up onto the backside of his wading pool; I think he is dreaming of all the swimming days to come. Pictures of those will be up soon! 31910

Tuesday, July 13, 2010


Jonah is our puzzle champ. He opened this puzzle for the first time less than two minutes before this picture was taken. He did the same puzzle five times, I think so that he could memorize it. Next time it comes out, he can do it without even thinking about it. He has been known to do puzzles upside down to make them more challenging. He is so super amazing and smart! 31810

Monday, July 12, 2010


Sammers in his St. Patrick's Day green shirt. Looking at him makes me feel lucky. 31710

Sunday, July 11, 2010


With Rex gone, Jonah got moved to the middle seat in the van. New views, much to see, little patience for the camera, oh so handsome :) 31610

Saturday, July 10, 2010


We took Jonah's birthday slow this year, giving him a gift a day for three days. This was the final day, and his last gift was the Ron Burgundy of the lot: it's kind of a big deal. The deluxe marble run we purchased had many special appeals to J. When Jonah was really little he would drop puzzle pieces, blocks, crayons, whatever really, behind the couch just to listen to them fall, bumping up against the wall as the tumbled down. We thought it was kind of funny and cute (except when we had to pull the couch out and found 82 tiny toys back there.) After he was diagosed, we found out that sound thing is totally an autism thing. He loves the auditory input falling things give him, and the marbles falling into this thing make a great sound. He also has always loved building things, and putting the marble run together is kind of like a puzzle. Forgive the fuzzy pictures, but I love how intense he is in building his marble maze. Unfortunately, it appears his future as an architect looks grim-unless Dr. Seuss calls and needs a tower built that is.

Friday, July 9, 2010


Jonah loves water, and he really loves the bath. Trouble is, when you have two brothers, you don't typically get to spread out and really enjoy your tub time. Every once in a while though fate smiles on you, like when your little brother goes out of town and your baby brother sleeps through bathtime. Then, you get sweet bathtime bliss. You can spread out, let the bubbles fill the tub and smile. 31410

Thursday, July 8, 2010


My sister recently uprooted her family and headed up north so her hubby could go back to school. Exciting for them, sad for us. One reason I was so sad was that Rexie and his cousin, Ainsley, had developed such a sweet, almost sibling, friendship/love. Having spent some time together pretty much everyday of thier lives, they were quite an adorable pair. A few weeks before my parents headed up to Idaho to visit my sister and her family, she jokingly mentioned that she wanted Rex to come up with them. I laughed it off; I couldn't imagine sending my precious, barely three-year-old baby on a thousand mile voyage without me. However, the idea took root, first in my sister, then in Grandma, and finally we relented. Here is Rex all loaded up in Grandma's car ready to head up to Idaho. He had a super fun time; I missed him like crazy; we were amazed at how quiet our house suddenly became. Grandma reported that he was the best traveler of the lot, a group that included his grandparents and his thirteen and twelve year old cousins. He can't wait to see his cousins again in a couple of weeks when we load up to head to the Gem State altogether. 31310

Wednesday, July 7, 2010


The common enemy of moms everywhere is laundry. I honestly only know one woman who claims to enjoy the chore, and although said woman is one of the most extraordinary and wonderful people I know, I think she is, at least insofar as laundry is concerned, a bit crazy, or maybe just overly optimistic. For me, laundry is a chore I despise, but the boys like it. Maybe this is why I can't ever get it done as fast as I think I should be able to. 31210


Jonah turned five, and to celebrate we decided to forego a big party which would have been overwhelming for him anyway, and plan a day with all the thing our precious Pete loves. We headed out to Stillman-McCormick Park where they have a little train, lots of room to run, a playground and a carousel. Throw in some pizza, donuta and Capri-Suns and top it off with some plastic animals and I think it was one of the best days of his life, pretty appropriate considering his birthday is the celebration of the happiest day of mine. Love you, Jojo! 31110

Tuesday, July 6, 2010


There is a theory that for some reason kids with autism are, on the whole, better looking than the average random sampling of kids. Good looks to make up for weak social skills? Interesting theory. At any rate, he is gorgeous. 31010


Layne has long lamented that all three of our kids are total Mama's boys. Pretty much from the beginning, they want me all the time. However, Rex is starting to turn his allegiance. One thing he loves about Daddy is talking softball. Here he is discussing the merits of the Matador as a mascot. (That sissy looking figure he's pointing to on Layne's shirt is a Matador.) The end conclusion of the conversation, as I recall, is that Hawks are way better than sissy bull fighters.


I love how babies sleep with their little bums up in the air. So cute, right? 3810

Monday, July 5, 2010


In Phoenix this spring we had TONS of rain. I absolutely LOVE Phoenix rain, but what I do not love is the aftermath of the rain: the weeds. Tall, ferocious, stubborn and sure to turn brown once it gets hot, the weeds come with a vengence. This year, in the new house, the weeds had quadruple the room to grow, and they did. More of this later, as this photo is merely the beginning of weed season. 3610 (missed a day)


Jonah loves Elmo's World, as in loves, loves, loves Elmo's World. He wants to watch it 20 times a day. Somehow, Sammy got ahold of the DVD case for precious Elmo. The pictures tell the rest of the story. I love the second picture where they are sharing. Jonah is a kind and caring big brother. I am always amazed at his sweet disposition. He has so many limitations and difficulties, but he really cares about others, and this is doubly true for our little Sammers. 3410


Have I mentioned that Rex is kind of a goofball? It seems odd to see him with his pacifier in, we've been without it now for so long, but this picture is pure typical Rex: a little bit crazy, a lot hilarious and always putting on a bit of a show.

The Return of the Mean Queen

(Rex actually called me The Mean Queen the other day. Lovely title, huh?)

Now don't faint. I'm back. I really have no good excuse for my extended absence. I got behind; I got discouraged; I had to give my sister back her awesome camera, and I felt bad for my poor quality images. Yet, week after week, I always intended to come back. So here I am, back in the saddle. I have been less than perfect about my photo-a-day goal, but hopefully I can recover that too. At any rate, on with the show.