Thursday, April 1, 2010


Today was Rexie's big day! It is his third birthday. We planned a super fun day that we knew he would love. After church, where he brought yummy snacks to share with his friends, we went to Roadrunner Park to feed the ducks and eat lunch. After that, we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's to eat cupcakes and open presents. Rexie got a train set which he absolutely loves. He had such a super fun day, and as a mom, that is all I want for my kids on their birthday, pure happiness. I'm posting a couple of pictures with this entry because there were just to many to choose only one :) My favorite is the one of the goose attacking Jonah. No worries, Layne was able to protect us all as he chased off geese and pigeons alike, as seen in another picture.

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  1. REXie's Bday! I really did think about Rex all day and was going to call. But, as you can see that did nothing and I didn't call. LAME HEAD! I hope he had a great day. I love the pictures. Tell Rexie his Aunt Val Loves him!!! Hope to see you guys soon.


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