Tuesday, March 30, 2010


Today was a fun day! The girls' 4A State Basketball Finals was today, and the top two teams? Apollo and Shadow Mountain! This is the first year the school Layne works and and the school I work at have been in the same region, so it has been fun going to the games, and rooting against each other. The state championship is, of course, a big deal, so it is held at the arena in Glendale where the Coyotes play. We brought Sammy, Rex and Grandpa along for the fun. I hadn't been to the arena since Apollo won the first of their three consecutive boys' state championships in 2005. Back then, I was coaching cheer and was 9 months pregnant with Jonah. My original due date was the night of the game, and I remember wearing a shirt which had a basketball perfectly placed on my gigantic belly. Of course, Jonah did not appear on his original due date, or his recalculated due date, or the second recalculated due date, but arrive he did. Back to the present day, we had a good time going down memory lane and at the present day game, and the winner of the game? Well, that's not really important :)

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