Thursday, July 8, 2010


My sister recently uprooted her family and headed up north so her hubby could go back to school. Exciting for them, sad for us. One reason I was so sad was that Rexie and his cousin, Ainsley, had developed such a sweet, almost sibling, friendship/love. Having spent some time together pretty much everyday of thier lives, they were quite an adorable pair. A few weeks before my parents headed up to Idaho to visit my sister and her family, she jokingly mentioned that she wanted Rex to come up with them. I laughed it off; I couldn't imagine sending my precious, barely three-year-old baby on a thousand mile voyage without me. However, the idea took root, first in my sister, then in Grandma, and finally we relented. Here is Rex all loaded up in Grandma's car ready to head up to Idaho. He had a super fun time; I missed him like crazy; we were amazed at how quiet our house suddenly became. Grandma reported that he was the best traveler of the lot, a group that included his grandparents and his thirteen and twelve year old cousins. He can't wait to see his cousins again in a couple of weeks when we load up to head to the Gem State altogether. 31310

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