Saturday, July 10, 2010


We took Jonah's birthday slow this year, giving him a gift a day for three days. This was the final day, and his last gift was the Ron Burgundy of the lot: it's kind of a big deal. The deluxe marble run we purchased had many special appeals to J. When Jonah was really little he would drop puzzle pieces, blocks, crayons, whatever really, behind the couch just to listen to them fall, bumping up against the wall as the tumbled down. We thought it was kind of funny and cute (except when we had to pull the couch out and found 82 tiny toys back there.) After he was diagosed, we found out that sound thing is totally an autism thing. He loves the auditory input falling things give him, and the marbles falling into this thing make a great sound. He also has always loved building things, and putting the marble run together is kind of like a puzzle. Forgive the fuzzy pictures, but I love how intense he is in building his marble maze. Unfortunately, it appears his future as an architect looks grim-unless Dr. Seuss calls and needs a tower built that is.

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