Friday, March 19, 2010


Here's the Popeye face again. This time we're grocery shopping. One thing I continue to love about doing this blog is that it helps me look for the joy in the little moments of our lives. One of those joys is shopping with Rex. He is so much fun at the store. When you put something in the cart he'll say, "You got that for ME?" or "Thank You, Mommy! Thank you for the potatoes" He loves to help load everything on to the conveyer belt when it's time to pay, and he always wants the green car. Grandma likes taking him to the store so he can get things out of the freezer, plus he is great company : ) 2510

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  1. Lucky you. Will is at the stage where I hate to take him shopping because he won't stay with me...even if I have a car.


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