Wednesday, March 24, 2010


Jonah is the MOST determined kid I've ever known of. When he decides he wants something, he will ask for it using his signs or by dragging you to it so many times you actually think you will go insane. If trying to persuade one person to give in to his demands fails, he goes to the next person and starts the whole thing over again. When he has exhausted each person, he turns to his own ingenuity. When something is out of his reach, he moves whatever he can, stacks things on top of whatever he has moved and begins to climb. In this picture, he has moved Sammy's playpen to reach the top of our dresser; however, along the way he got distracted by something on TV, and decided to take a rest. No worries, soon after I found him proudly perched atop said dresser. 22010

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