Tuesday, March 23, 2010


One of my favorite events of the year is the VNSA booksale at the fairgrounds. Hundreds of thousands of books for sale for a couple of dollars a piece. Seriously, Heaven better have a VNSA booksale. Anyway, this year I found this set of blocks for $2. Boys love blocks. When we got them home, they all play with them differently. Sammy eats them. Rexie knocks them down. And sweet, sweet Jonah. He alphabetizes them. See him here with his tower starting at A, apple and going through I, ice cream. Try as he might he can't get to Z. His record it T, and each time it falls, the cry of despair is painful to hear. He is nothing if not persistant, and in love with the alphabet. 21810


  1. I didn't notice the alphabet! I saw the numbers in numerical order and figured that's what he was going for!

  2. Wow! He is SO smart! Go Jonah! :)

  3. How my heart aches for missed VNSA book sales....

    and your boys, of course!


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