Monday, March 22, 2010


A couple of months ago, Jonah's support coordinator suggested he be evaluated for physical therapy because he never had been and she had never had a kid who'd been eval'd turned down, and if he qualified, he could get horse therapy or fun gym like time. He's never missed a physical milestone, so I was skeptical he would qualify, but again she assured me kids on spectrum always qualified in some way. So we had the eval, and the first thing the physical therapist said after watching him for 2 minutes was, "He sure can jump." She has no idea. This kid is a prolific hopper, and he loves to jump. Here is an action shot of the monkey jumping on the couch. He can get some height too, this is an on-the-way-down shot!21610


  1. Ok, Lindsey, he looks exactly like your side of the family in this picture! Is it your little brother I'm thinking of?

  2. Yes, he does look a lot like Josh. He has Layne's nose, (which is so cute and little) but otherwise he is all Hansom. Sandy Echols says he reminds her more of Josh everytime she sees him :)


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